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Ford Crown Victoria Sedan’s

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Our Ford Full Sized P71 Version Sedan’s

We chose these vehicles for our clients who have or have made arrangements to stay in some of our more remote areas that are less traveled and a lot harder to access due to poor road conditions. When driven sensibly and conservatively they will get you there and back. They also excel in comfortable transportation for long distance driving.

Super Sized, Super Comfortable and Super Safe. Ford Crown Victoria’s are one of the only body-on-frame cars on the market today and because of the conventional rear-wheel drive configuration, make it far more stable, easier for it’s driver to avoid problems during hard maneuvers than front drive rivals, and allows it to better withstand rough driving over poor roads and other obstacles in their  environment.

All of our’s have a factory installed P71 Heavy Duty Cooling, Suspension, Handling, Braking, and Performance package that adds to their get home reliability and keep in mind that they were the vehicle of choice for every Highway Patrol and Public Safety agency in north America for many years. They also of course have a huge trunk with a full sized spare tire. All of course have full power extras and factory air conditioning.

Our fleet of Used Vehicles are clean, fully reconditioned, well maintained and safety inspected to keep our customers happy, safe and mobile. None of our rentals have any markings, stickers or signs to indicate that you are a tourist or a rolling advertisement for a rental franchise.