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Ford Excursion 4X4 SUV

Our Ford Excursion SUV’s, Seating for eight

The largest SUV on the market today, the Ford Excursion is big, brawny, capable and powerful. It is, indeed, the biggest sport-utility vehicle on a planet chock full of SUVs. But the Excursion is no larger than the hundreds of thousands of Ford Super Duty pickups that share its platform. And there are, indeed, some folks who can put a giant sport-utility vehicle to use. They tow haul bunches of people and move acres of cargo. Ford did an excellent job on this vehicle. It rides impressively well for a three-quarter ton truck. It is capable of carrying an enormous amount of cargo. Six people and their baggage can travel in supreme comfort; eight people can be belted in using a third folding seat when necessary.

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