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Ford Focus Sedan’s

Our Compact Ford Focus’s, a great driving economy car

Ford’s Focus is a great combination of economy and convenience, everything works well and is user friendly. Everything to operate the car is clearly labeled and within reach, good possibility you can drive a Focus and never have to read the operators manual. Great economy plus good performance + full power extras and of course factory air conditioning. All have cloth interiors, Cooler when it is hot and Warmer when it is chilly. Decent sized trunks and both sdes or rear seats can be folded down to store long or large objects in the trunk.

Our fleet of Used Vehicles are clean, fully reconditioned, well maintained and safety inspected to keep our customers happy, safe and mobile. None of our rentals have any markings, stickers or signs to indicate that you are a tourist or a rolling advertisement for a rental franchise. Free Child and Booster Seats for all of our clients.