Toyota 4th Generation 4 Runner (Mid-Sized)


Toyota 4th Generation 4 Runner

Mid-Sized + SUV + V8 RWD

Our Fourth generation Toyota 4 Runner is a rock solid Medium sized SUV built on a truck Frame and Chasis. The are all unvelievably Strong and Safe and capable of on and off road use. Ours is the most Delux Limited Series with a V8, 5 Speed automatic, Locking Differential and every convenience item that they offered, up to and including a Power Moon Roof. It seats up to five with lots of storage and a Factory Rack. These Fourth Generation 4 Runners have become collector cars because of their performance and longevity. We have a buyer in Mexico City who is constantly trying to find the lowest mile offerings so we can inventory a dozen of these.
Child & Booster Seats
Free for all our clients.
All our vehicles are non-smoking.
Our fleet of used vehicles are clean, fully reconditioned, well maintained and safety inspected to keep our customers happy, safe, and mobile. None of our rentals have any markings, stickers, or signs to indicate that you are a tourist or a rolling advertisement for a rental franchise.

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