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What a solid business! I was quoted a very reasonable price for my families two weeks in La Paz. Gary sent excellent instructions to arrive at BBB Rent a Car. Once there, all went according to plan, no games, no stress or extras. He sent us along in a clean and sturdy Crown Victoria and a pleasure to drive in Mexico. He has plenty of car seats and coolers too! Gary is stand up as well as everyone we interacted with. We returned and were taken to the airport quickly by Sagi. Going above and beyond, BBB actually found a camera that we left behind. They managed to get the camera back to us which I think is fantastic. We’ll be renting from them each time we return to Baja.

Theo (review via Google)   •   SEE ALL REVIEWS

Renting a Jetta from here was super easy with no hassle or unexpected charges. They clearly defined and simply explained everything. The information on their website was also honest and reliable. We would definitely rent from here again! BBB Rent a Car for a pleasant experience!

Toni R. (review via Yelp)   •   SEE ALL REVIEWS