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You Only Pay For Two Things, The Vehicle And The Insurance You Choose.

BBB® Rated the Best Car Rental at Los Cabos International Airport. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 over 12,000 Rentals. We Stand Behind Our Reviews.

We Won't Charge Anything Extra Than Your Quoted Price So You Don't Worry About Price Increase on Arrival.

No Extra Fees (Airport Fees/Taxes, Added Drivers, Late Drop-Off etc.). You Will Have Unbelievably Smooth Experience Like Picking Up a Coffee. (From Pick-Up to Drop-Off.)

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Up to 50% Lower Rates

Savings Up to 50% Comparison to Local Rent a Cars. Feel Free to Compare Our Prices And Keep in Mind Our Competitors Add Extra Fees Later On. (Insurance, Taxes & Fees etc.)

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Car Rental Rates Often Do Not Include Insurance, Which Can Easily Double the Cost. Our Quotes Include Insurance Options. We Take Pride In Our Honesty.

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Convenient Drop-Off Location

Easy to Pick-up & Drop-Off. Located at the Airport (SJD). We provide free rides to and from San Jose Del Cabo International Airport. (Our office is 5 minutes away.)

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Rental Vehicles

Sedan- Compact Models

From $43.00/day 

Vehicle Type: Sedan

4 Doors, 5 Seats

All Automatic Vehicle & AC

SUV- Mid Size Models

From $87.00/day

Vehicle Type: SUV

4 Doors, 4 to 6 Seats

All Automatic Vehicle & AC

Loaded Full-Sized 4X4 AWD SUV’s

From $118.00/day

Vehicle Type: Full Size SUV

4 Doors, 4 to 8 Seats

All Automatic Vehicle & AC

Satisfaction Guaranteed

BBB Car Rated The Best Rental at Cabo Over 12,000+ Rentals.

We Don't Charge For, Late Return Fee Within The Drop-Off Date, Added Drivers or Child Seats.)

You Can Check Our Reviews On Yelp+, Google & Tripadvisor. We Stand Behind Our Reviews.

No Games or Drama - Great Reviews and Our Goal is 100% Sonrisas (Smiles in Spanish)

No Insurance Hassles. Our Quotes Include Insurance Prices.

Huge Selection of Cars With Easy And Fast Rental Experience As Soon As You Enter The Door.

We are proud of our customer reviews!
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Excellent company!
BBB is one of the best car rental companies I ever used. The communication through email was very fast and professional. We rented the economic car and worked perfect. I used the collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance provided by my Credit Card, this reduced the cost considerably. Also, they don't charge extra fees for additional driver and other extra fees usually charged by rental car companies. The return of the car took around 10 min. I will continue to use BBB Rent a Car during my trips to Los Cabos and La Paz.

Unlimited Miles & Comfort

We Offer Unlimited Miles on Our Rentals and You Don’t Have to Worry About Going to a Gas Station at the Last Minute. We Will Take Care of That For You.

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You’ll find this breathtaking and infamous view in the southern area of Cabo, where two of its most infamous beaches meet.

Visit San Jose Del Cabo.

San Jose del Cabo is brimming with sublime yet adventurous activities, eye-catching attractions and exciting things to do when visiting for vacation. 

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