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Charges and Fees

The Rental Car Industry relies on small print and fees to hide what it will cost you (Just like Most Banks and Cell Phone Calling Plans) As a result it is difficult for a consumer to obtain a legitimate quote for what a rental’s total cost is going to be. BBB’s policy differs in that we want you to know what your costs will be and have simplified our procedure to reflect this. 

At BBB Quotes, Contracts and Documents are available in English and are shown in US Dollars. Cash Payment for rentals can be made for exact quoted prices in either US Dollars or Mexican Pesos. 

BBB will accept payment for rentals with Visa, MasterCard and American Express Credit Cards. One of the many advantages of paying with a Credit Card is that the majority of them provide Damage and Theft Coverage for your Rental Cars here in Mexico. That saves you the expense of having to pay extra for that coverage. This benefit is only available when you pay for the rental with your Card. The majority of our clients take advantage of this and save themselves a lot of money.

All Credit Card Payments for rentals will be converted from US Dollars to Mexican Pesos at our Banks Posted Daily Peso exchange rate and in an amount adjusted to insure deposit will net our quoted price after payment of fees and charges.

Bank’s and Credit Card Companies all Charge fees for Credit card transactions.  BBB will not absorb these costs. Expect your account to be Debited approximately 5% in excess of our quoted price.

Spanish Contracts and Documents are available on request and are shown in Mexican Pesos.

BBB Does Not Charge for: Child Seats, Additional Driver’s,10% Airport Concession Fees or associated Charges or Taxes, Mileage Restrictions, Vehicle License Fees, Vehicle Registration Fees,  City, County, State, or Seasonal Surcharges, vehicle licensing recovery fee, airport facility use fee/customer facility charge, hotel concession fees, other cost recovery fees, governmental surcharges, taxes or other optional items such as luggage racks or refueling items. We also have no sneaky insurance exclusions such as wheel and Glass damage.

Please note that No deposit or credit card information is necessary to reserve and book from us BUT please respect the fact that Cancellations and No – Shows cost us money, the more time you give us if you have to cancel the better off we are.

BBB Does Not Rely on small print to increase your rental cost, Refuse to acknowledge or accept your Credit Card Damage and Theft Coverage, Insist on Huge Deductibles secured with frozen deposit charges on your card account and last but not least No Timeshare Hustles or Referrals.

BBB Only Charges  for 2 things, the car rental  charge per day as explained above and the insurance coverage you choose. All rental contracts in Mexico are then subject to a Federal IVA tax which we collect. 

BBB Quotes are Guaranteed  . . . They are not estimates Just fill out the form on our Contact / Booking page and send us the information by email and we will answer with an Cash Price Quote.

When shopping Rental prices in Mexico the Per Day Rental ** Estimates . . . mean very little. If you do not have the time or desire to read all the small print in a Mexican car rental website you may want to use the following ***Triple Formula. . . . if you fill out their forms and select a vehicle for a time period and the estimate is $400.00 and you agree, when you arrive the real total charges out the door could be $1,200.00 (Triple the Estimate)

Trip Advisor has possibly the best independent advice and information about Mexican Rental Car Estimates, Rates and Insurance,  Do yourself a favor and go their Web Site . . . tripadvisor.com

Total Rental costs in Mexico will cause “Sticker Shock” to Canadians and Americans but believe me when I say that it is as competitive here as it is there, but there are definitely higher governmental expenses and industry specific charges imposed on the rental car industry here in Mexico.  Any legitimate business in any country must then pass those expenditures on to their consumers !Bienvenidos!

No business can always be the lowest for any comparable product or service. Please note and appreciate that  BBB however does guarantee the accuracy of each and every cash quote that we issue and we make an effort to make it as easy to understand as we can. We also monitor the Rental Car Franchise competition’s posted prices and always charge a fraction of their similar vehicle average charges. You do not have to be a mathematician, an insider, relative, friend, coupon holder or a detective to get a good honest, inexpensive car rental. Just rent from BBB where we take the work and worry out of the rental of a Car, SUV or Van.

**Estimates are what everyone else offers on their sites as there are so many fees and charges that could be added it is absolutely impossible for them to tell you or for you to figure it out . . . @ BBB what we tell you  - is what the cash price is to rent one of our vehicles.

***Triple Formula A secretary who books many trips to Cabo told me “Hey it’s easy” just triple whatever the online booking site says.  Many customers have reiterated this over and over and say it can easily exceed the Triple Formula.

BBB is at the end  of a Los Cabos renters rainbow